Two people. I call them "Matchy Matchy Couples", dressed allmost alike. No employees with matching Uniform, No Teamplayers and no Twins..! Minimum requirements (exactly the same hull cladding). Just when they where walking around not paying any attention. Or posing and telling their story. Classified (very rare). It' s not Dutch Satorial behaviour. It's International. In October 2012 the Project became very succesfull. "Since than I roam the streets of Europe as a full time Job". In six years I managed to photograph 96 couples. At this website you can see 30 Couples from all over the world. Scroll down to look at them. If you want to see more sent me an Email. And Check out the Latest News.

"Fascinating project...!" According to Martin Parr.
"Matching Couples" Het Laatste Nieuws, Belgium.
"Fashion no-no par excellence" The Guardian.
"Proprio come le carte da poker ascala 40" La Repubblica.
"Two souls, one coat"Leeuwarder Courant.
"Emerged from Real Live" Focus Magazine.
"Brave People with a radical Satorial behaviour" Het Parool.
"Lookalike Babyboomers" New Zealand Harold.
荷兰摄影师George Maas的一组作品,名为“甜蜜的伴侣”。照片展示了街上那些穿着一样衣服的人们。更多照片
The Project has been nominated as number three at the list of best Volkskrant Photostories 2012.

George Maas



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After several publications (PS Magazine, Focus, Volkskrant.nl, NRC.nl DWDD.nl and a viral explosion on the Internet (100.000 visitors a day) I decided to make a Book. Crowdfunding is the Magic word. If you want to support the publication you can sent me your e-mail adress . In return you will recieve a Book by mail when it is published for 25 euro.


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