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  "Dressed to float" 70x105 cm. (Copyright George maas) 1/10  
  Windforce. New work from the stormy beaches of the Netherlands.  
  Windforce 1. 50x75cm. (Copyright George maas) 1/10    
  Ministery of Foreign Affairs invited George Maas to make five Windstudies for The Dutch Embassy in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.  

"Windstructures". After three years he finally found out how to intergrate man who are looking up in his windproject. Photo's are made at the beaches in Holland, France and the shores of a lake in Switzerland.


Group-exhibition "Elementen" in the Dutch Design Hotel Artemis. Feel free to drop in when ever you like and enjoy the show.

Groepsexpositie getiteld "Elementen". in Dutch Design Hotel Artemis. Tijdens openingstijden te bezoeken.




Als er èèn middel is om portretten in allerlei variaties te maken dan is het wel de (digitale) fotografie. Door fotografie kan de kunstenaar talloze ideeën op een technisch volmaakte manier uitwerken. Daarvan zie je hier een aantal voorbeelden. Al deze portretten zijn op hun eigen manier bijzonder. Neem bijvoorbeeld de foto van de figuur met de wapperende hoes over het hoofd. De print op de hoes wekt de indruk dat het een vrouw is, maar zeker is dat niet. De omhoog gerichte, opgewekte blik roept een positief gevoel op. Een portretfoto is vaak heel statisch: onbewogen. Kijk maar naar de overige portretten. Dat is in dit portret juist niet het geval. Door het wapperen van de hoes in de wind krijgt het een dynamisch (beweeglijk) karakter. Vincent van Woerkom. Arti kunstboek THV, isbn 978-9006-484250 (2008, Uitgeverij ThiemeMeulenhoff, Zutphen)

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Frozensculpture 1

(3.00x2.60 meter) at Van der Laan/ Dekker, Nieuw Vennep, Holland.

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Windforce 9,

(3.00 x 2.60m) at Van der Laan/ Dekker, Nieuw Vennep, Holland.

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Invited by Lex Daniels to join the collection of the Miniatuurmuseum. You can see Windsculpture 1 at the size of 8x12 cm. next to Joseph Beuys, Botero, Sam Francis, Yves Klein, Roy Lichtenstein, Annie Leibovitz, Karel Appel, Rob Scholte, Erwin Olaf, Inez van Lamsweerde, Micha Klein and many others.

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  The first of March was a great day. There was sunshine and lots of wind at the same time. A rare combination.  

New work. Windstudies are made to please.



  Windstudy 1, 50x70 cm. C-print/dibond    

Dialogen. Een reeks vraaggesprekken met instellingen en kunstenaars waaronder George Maas. Scroll naar beneden om meer te zien.


  Foto: Christel Boertjes    

Dialoque. Published by Breda Photo . Interviews with Artists and institutions. Page 22: interview with George Maas about his Windsculptures.
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Mug-Magazine is a Free Magazine with well writen critical interviews. It's not an Art Magazine. Every month they have a full page "open podium" for an artist . If you want to read some interesting political statements that wakes you up read the Mug. Scroll down to see more.


Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam. September untill the end of December George Maas exhibits Photo's he made in Addis Abeba. Place:





George Maas about Windforce 9. At the 18th of January the biggest storm of this year so far raged over Holland. George Maas was at the Ijselmeer to make one of his weathersculptures. Kunstbeeld, leading Art Magazine in Holland published the story behind the photograph in the

  Transportation of the weathersculpture going up from the Chassetheater, Breda to the TU, Eindhoven. For this, George Maas made a special Box with a length of three meters.
  The Weathersculpture is part of an exhibition called "New harvest". It will be there untill the 1th of June together with other work of different photographers. Organised by Gallery Pennings, Eindhoven. Going Up is also exhibited in The Royal Dutch Embassy in Addis Abeba. It is made in an Edtition of two prints/canvas (3.00 x 2.60 meter). So this one is very special. Scroll down to reed more about previous events.


  Exhibition of windsculptures at Gallery Pennings, Eindhoven. A special edition was made for this exhibition. For Sale at the Gallery.
  George Maas was invited by the Ministery of Foreign Affairs to make four Monumental Photographs for the Dutch Embassy in Addis Abeba, Ethiopie. George Maas went to Addis Abeba to install the four Windsculptures. It was a great experience to work in an African Country.
  The Dutch Embassy in Addis Abeba, Ethiopie is designed by Gameren / Mastenbroek architects and is one of the most contemporary buildings in Addis Abeba. It is situated in a beautiful parc in the old airport neighbourhood. Feel free to visit the Embassy at your stay in Addis Abeba.
  George Maas was invited to participate in the main exhibition at Breda . The exhibition was held in an old gunpowder- storagehouse called, Bomhuis. Look at for the next edition.  
  NFG Nieuwsbrief oktober 2005  
  Focus september 2005PF oktober 2005  
  Invited by Jaap Ronday, editor of the Solo Magazine. Solo Magazine publishes once a month the work of a contemporary artist. Still for Sale. Call 00.31.20.(0)654226381