George Maas Photography

The Dutch photographer George Maas who lives and Works in Amsterdam is fascinated by storms, gales and near gales. Since 2003 he has been creating 'wind sculptures'. Female portraits are printed on white fabrics and draped over the head of a model. The model is then photographed in places which are exposed to the wind. The liveliness of the fabric and the shapes the imprinted portrait takes on, produces a special, surreal image.
De photographer himself describes his windsculptures as portrait photography. The analoque pictures are not digitally manipulated. The images are real and only when you look at them they become surreal. According to George Maas 'there are so many possibilities to make interesting photo's in the real world, that digital manipulation seems out of date.'
Since 2007 George Maas has started to make his 'frozen sculptures'. The concept of these portraits is similar to that of the wind sculptures. However now he freezes his portraits.
At the moment George Maas is working on a sequel to his wind sculptures, with male models looking up.

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