The Dutch Photographer George Maas has been working for the last six month at a sequel of his windsculptures. The new serie is called "Windstructures". Photo's are made at beaches and shores in Holland, France and Switzerland. The serie is still growing. He describes his photographs as portraits and it is important to know that the photo's haven't been manipulated in photoshop.
The images are real. Please scroll down to see more.



Windstructure 1 60x70 cm. (Copyright George maas) 1/10  
Windstructure 5 60x70 cm. C-print/dibond Copyright George maas) 1/10  
Windstructure 6 60x70 cm.. (Copyright George maas) 1/10  
Windstructure 7 60x70 cm. (Copyright George maas) 1/10  


Windstructure 8 80x100 cm. C-print/dibond of (280x240) cm.C-print/doek (Copyright George maas) 1/10  
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